Decorating and keeping your home clean

Decorating and keeping your home clean are two things that don’t always go together. It’s really hard to keep your home spotless while you are trying to make it look different. I have always taken up the challenge, but it’s always been difficult to say the least and my children agree with me. Put a dog into the mix and then you have a project that is almost “mission impossible”, but I don’t lack confidence in myself and hardly ever quit when I have something stuck in my mind. Anyway in this post today I’ll tell you how I manage my decoration process in order to make things as clean as possible and then if you have any ideas on how to make the process better in any way, I’ll discuss things with you in the comment section below.


  1. Always organize the thing you are going to decorate with
    One of the most important things you should take care of is organizing your materials for decorating.  I personally have a little briefcase if you could call it that way which is full of all the things I use for decoration.
  2. Know what you want to achieve and try not to experiment that much.
    If you know what effect you are after, then the final outcome won’t really be so surprising. I personally go to Pinterest all the time and have subscribed to a bunch of different home decorating walls such as this one. It might be in German, but it’s a fantastic and has lots of amazing ideas. Another website which I love checking out for such information and great clean DIY decoration ideas is the Buzzfeed facebook channel called Nifty. They’ve got tons of great ideas on how to make your apartment a bit more customized.
  3. The third important thing to make sure you keep your home clean while decorating is keeping your cleaning supplies close.
    Keeping the cleaning supplies could be crucial if you spill something that dries quickly and you need to act fast to get it off fast.

If you could hire a cleaner to help you out while the cleaning is happening I would strongly advise that you do so. In my opinion nothing helps more than the professional help of a cleaning lady around your house. You could simply ask her to go after you and make sure nothing is left unattended. I personally use the services of a cleaning lady which I found on this website. They turned out really reliable and I like the pricing of their services although, customer support could be a bit better.


Whenever you decide to make your home a little more nifty I suggest that you stick to what someone has done before. This way you won’t just use and spend the materials for nothing. There are plenty of projects on Youtube and other sites like Pinterest that I mentioned before. With thousands of blogs on the web with other ideas, there’s nothing you can’t find on the net. So get your hands dirty, but make sure to keep it clean.


Welcome to CleanTaps

Hi There,
My name is Jen and I love decorating, my children and my dog. Oh I almost forgot my wonderful husband Ben. On CleanTaps I have decided to talk about my obsession about keeping my home clean as well as decorating it to make it more joyful and pretty much turn it into a mirror expressing my personal taste. I work at a thrift furniture store, which is a dream come true, but could sometime become a little annoying as I want to buy tons of the things that come through the shop. Hopefully you will be a part of my ride and would like to see what I like about decorating. I bet that there would be lots of people which will like my taste and lots who won’t, but that’s okay. As long as you keep your comments nice and respectful, you are more  then welcome to be a part of this project and talk to other obsessed women like myself.